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02 April 2006 @ 03:57 pm
A Slice of Something I Said Somewhere Else for all Alumni.  
"Arts isn't Arts because there is nothing worth salvaging there, and there is no art teacher" as stated to me and my response, which I feel everyone should now see, because if you believe this, I think you're being an idiot:

"Just because Sapp isn't the art teacher, and they officially got rid of the position because Lincoln Public School didn't feel the need to fund it anymore, does not make the place not Arts and Humanities.

Every time the school year has ended at Arts, and the graduating seniors have left, they have declared that the school is "No Longer Arts" because "it's not how it was when I went there, which made it Arts". FYI, in this amazing area called Real Life, every generation of humans, with their music, and clothes, has wanted to be the last. "It's not like it used to be, when life was good." The declarative statement of our times. Yeah. Things change. That's just how it goes. But just because you and I and all of the other alumni don't like it, it doesn't make Arts and Humanities not Arts and Humanities.
When the school is gone in three years, which it more than likely will be, due to years of liberal teaching which pisses everyone off in a Conservative State and nation, then the old Coca-Cola distribution building will still be there, but Arts and Humanities will officially be gone, due to this idiotic notion that years going by and things changing makes it not what it is, and the end of funding of a good program because of people like pissy alumni, school board missionaries, and stupid students that manage to make the school look bad.

I'm not arguing for the sake of arguing, I want Arts to stay around even if it has to change. And yes, I was pissed when they told Sapp to hit the road and the teaching staff had to compromise instead of fight, but I got over it. I didn't like the changes. I thought Vanderslice's art class was a joke, when I heard about it, but at least she's trying (hello, structure, it's how the school system works). It's not like anyone else is doing anything for the school, which is essentially a handful of teachers and eighty students bouncing around a warehouse with some rooms in it.
If you honestly think that there is nothing left of Arts that is worth saving, then you're just as bad as all the school board members that have been cutting funding and trying to change Arts and close it since it opened.
And I know you aren't like that.
Arts was the best thing that happened to me for my public school education. I can't say I liked the turns the program has taken, but I can't not support it just because it has adapted. I'm sure the same has happened at Tech and Zoo School."
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the girl in the afternoonhornmafia on April 3rd, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)
i know I kind of started the whole debate on now-arts vs. then-arts.

But please do not write off what i'm about to say because of that.

One of the things that just drives me BATTY is when people mis-apportion the blame, with the school district. The school board memebers are not bad or evil. They want to have as good a district as possible. When they cut things, it's for one of two reasons:
1. They do not percive the thing in question is doing it's job properly
2. they have no other choice.

Yes, there are many school board members who have wanted to close arts or zoo (or IT, i always forget about those) since they opened, but that is because they do not understand what is worthwhile about those programs. They are not sure that they are doing their job. So show them otherwise. Show them it's worth the money they're putting into it.